Artificial Intelligence

Try it out in your classroom.


Get learners to chat with AI chatbots on their smartphones in pairs or groups. Great for practising writing or speaking. Brainstorm topics and questions first and monitor closely to check they’re not being too silly! Search your app store for ‘AI chatbots’.

Encourage your learners to download AI-powered apps that adapt their teaching based on each learner’s progress. For example, they can practise and improve their pronunciation with the English Language Speech Assistant.

Turn vocabulary learning into a game that adapts based on your learners’ actions. Create adaptive exercises for your older learners (13+) with Memrise, or choose from dozens of existing exercises.

Keep learners motivated with their revision. Create a study set on Quizlet or get learners to create their own sets. When your learners access the set and add the date of the exam, Quizlet builds an adaptive study plan and adjusts the questions to make sessions harder or easier based on each learner’s study patterns. Currently available on iOS; Beta testing on Android.

The Google Translate mobile app uses your phone’s camera to translate posters and signs all around you. Get learners to download the app, then send them around the school to see how it translates signs into English! Have a feedback session to discuss what the correct language for the signs should be.