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The Cambridge English Digital Framework 

has been developed in consultation with practising language teachers and trainers. It describes key competencies for teaching effectively with technology. Explore the six categories to find your starting point:

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The Digital World. 
Technology takes you beyond the classroom: as a digital citizen, you need to be productive, organised and act responsibly, safely and legally in the digital arena to protect yourself and your learners.
The Digital Classroom. 
Digital tools and resources provide both opportunities and challenges for language learning: develop your awareness of underlying theories and methodologies and use technology effectively to enhance learning and improve your own language awareness and proficiency.
The Digital Teacher. 
Use digital tools and resources to accelerate and track your own professional development: reflect on your teaching, discover online conferences and sources of information, and share knowledge and best practice through a network of peers.
Designing Learning. 
Plan for success! Evaluate, choose and integrate digital tools and resources to support course aims and learning objectives, plan logical sequences of work for lessons and courses, and create attractive and useful interactive resources which maximise learning potential.
Delivering Learning. 
Build your confidence! Master and manage digital tools to support, educate and communicate with your learners; develop their skills in using technology effectively for learning, so that they can successfully meet their learning outcomes and take advantage of the learning opportunities provided by the digital learning environment.
Evaluating Learning. 
Understand what’s happening in your classroom! Digital tools provide new and more efficient ways of accessing and managing large quantities of data. Use technology to assess your learners and use that information to improve their learning; evaluate the effectiveness of your lessons and the digital tools and resources that you use.