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Test My Digital Skills

The Cambridge English Digital Framework

The Cambridge English Digital Framework has been developed in consultation with practising language teachers and trainers. It describes key competencies for teaching effectively with technology.

Explore the six categories and test your digital skills to find your starting point, and decide on a direction for your digital professional development.

Diagram showing The Digital Teacher's view on how the digital world, classroom and teacher fit into designing, delivering and evaluating learning


A boy sits on a sofa using a tablet to match pictures of food and their names

Enhance your teaching with free bite-size training.

Vocabulary – Revise, recycle, remember

Find and use ready-made, interactive vocabulary sets and design your own to improve vocabulary learning.


A Wordwall quiz to practise vocabulary

Decide which digital products are right for you.


Wordwall offers teachers a quick and easy way to extend and consolidate vocabulary with fun practice.


A street map

Explore the latest digital ideas and trends.

My quest for digital technologies to promote learner autonomy

By Diana Peña, 15 June 2017

One of the great benefits of learner autonomy is that it allows learners to learn things that interest them without having to constantly rely on their teachers.