About us

Who we are

The Digital Teacher has been designed and developed by a team of experts in teacher training, teacher development and educational technology at Cambridge Assessment English. We aim to provide effective digital pedagogy in order to help teachers and learners benefit from the advantages provided by new technologies.

The Digital Teacher evolved out of a site we developed with LearnJam to:

  • define the digital skills and competencies that teachers need
  • understand the problems teachers are facing in using digital tools and resources.

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What we do

We provide the world’s leading range of qualifications for learners and teachers of English and increasingly, we are focusing on the latest digital developments in English language teaching and learning. We work with experts in educational technology to provide information and practical solutions specifically for language teachers. We have produced The Digital Framework for Language Teachers – a professional development framework and self-assessment tool, together with training, lesson plans, practical tips and product reviews informed by this framework.

We understand the importance of keeping up to date with the latest digital ideas and trends impacting on ELT, and sharing and following practising teachers as they experiment with incorporating technology into their teaching practice. We publish regular blog posts you can share and engage with across different social media platforms.