Product Reviews

Decide which digital products are right for you with our expert product reviews for language learning.

  • Ruby Rei

    Brilliant adventure game for language learners.

    Ruby Rei feels exciting and different — because it is! It’s an adventure game for language learners, which feels like a step in a new digital direction.

    Screenshot of the game Ruby Rei, with Ruby ready for her next adventure.
  • Storybird

    An innovative, inspiring tool to create stories individually or in groups.

    Storybird is easy to use and can transform learners’ experiences of reading and creative writing.

    Storybird writing options: picture books, longform stories and poetry
  • Binumi

    A cool video-creation tool.

    Binumi gives you a chance to bring video creation into the classroom. You’ll probably have to pay to get the most out of it, but it provides a motivating, worthwhile experience.

    A selection of the Binumi video footage available for ‘mountain climbing’
  • Padlet

    An excellent collaboration tool for teachers and learners

    Padlet is an extremely easy-to-use tool that allows learners to collaborate online, share images, links, documents, videos and voice recordings. And it’s free!

    A Padlet wall to brainstorm ideas for saving energy in the classroom
  • TechSmith Jing

    A simple screen capture tool

    TechSmith Jing is a screen capture tool that both teachers and students can use to capture images and create short videos on their computer.

    The TechSmit Jing screen capture tool in action
  • LyricsTraining

    Ideal for music-loving learners

    If your learners spend a lot of time listening to music, then this is an ideal site to send them to. LyricsTraining is easy to use, and good for self-study – mainly for older learners.

    The different levels you can select for LyricsTraining

    Use, adapt or create interactive activities for any stage of a lesson. is a versatile tool for learners, teachers and teacher trainers who want a variety of activities to teach, learn and practise the full range of language systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and language skills (reading listening, speaking and writing).

    Steps for creating an interactive activity with
  • Wordwall

    A fun and easy way to extend and consolidate vocabulary.

    Wordwall offers teachers a quick and easy way to extend and consolidate vocabulary with fun practice.

    A Wordwall quiz to practise vocabulary
  • Quizlet

    An efficient, engaging flashcard tool.

    Create flashcards to learn and review vocabulary or topic content; match language to text, images, sounds and video; promote learner independence and autonomy...

    An iPad tablet on a white background displaying a Quizlet activity for Young Learners
  • Memrise

    A fun, efficient memorisation tool for the classroom and beyond.

    Fun exercises to learn and practise languages and lots more. Choose or create a course, or let your learners pick one to work on at their own pace, on a topic of their choice!

    An iPad tablet on a white background displaying a Memrise activity