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Explore the latest digital ideas and trends impacting on ELT, and follow practising teachers as they experiment with incorporating technology into their teaching practice and reflect on their digital journey.

Using WhatsApp as a motivational tool for FCE writing

Take a look at any group of teenagers queuing outside the classroom and you’ll find them glued to their smartphones as if the phone were a biomechanical extension of their arms. There is no doubt that instant messaging (IM)...

By Kat Robb

Image of students with mobile phone

Striving to embrace the digital classroom

Many teachers get excited when they imagine the digital classroom and all the things that can be done in it, at the touch of a screen. I had the opportunity to use an iPad when I worked in a school, but I really didn’t like the experience at all. I am more of a traditional chalk and board teacher...

By Shawn Redwood

Empowering learners through Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL)

Digital technologies have changed the way we communicate, think, and most importantly, teach and learn. In a society that is now permeated with digital devices and technological advances, teaching professionals have been exposed...

By Kat Robb

Learning from EdTech

The field of English language teaching (ELT) could learn much from the successes and failures of EdTech innovations in the wider world of health, business and broader education. Trends such as speech-enabled technologies and augmented and virtual reality...

By Cambridge English

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