The Digital World

Become a confident digital citizen. Navigate the digital arena safely, successfully and productively.

Five people sit in a row, all using digital devices. Two use mobile phones, two use tablets and one uses a laptop computer


Whether you use a smartphone to create a to-do list, a tablet with a time-management app or a laptop with project-management software, technology can save you time.

Learn how digital tools can help you communicate with colleagues and learners outside the physical learning environment, and discover more efficient ways of dealing with administrative tasks such as setting deadlines and organising projects, tasks and events.

Information management

We are increasingly using search engines to find essential information and resources. Simple tips and tools can help you get a more effective and relevant list of search results, saving you time and effort. The way we manage data and files is also changing: you might use a hard drive, a learning management system or the cloud to store and share content.

Learn how to search, access and share digital information safely and efficiently.

Digital citizenship

The way we communicate and behave in the digital environment can have long-term consequences: what we say and do may not always be interpreted correctly, and it can be difficult to remove any content that we upload. We need to be aware of social, cultural and environmental issues, and be a great example of how to operate in the digital world for learners.

Learn how to be a good digital citizen and understand the needs of learners with differing needs, or levels of abilities.

Legal issues

Protecting personal and intellectual property is a significant concern in the digital world. There are strict laws in place to protect individuals, and best practice that we should all follow, but there are many tools and resources which can help make sense of issues such as plagiarism, copyright and piracy.

Learn how to operate within laws and guidelines to protect yourself and your learners. Know what a good password looks like and understand what you can and can’t share.

Digital welfare and safety

The digital world opens up so many positive benefits to learners and teachers, but it can also have a negative impact on health and well-being.

Learn how to spot the signs, help keep your learners safe and promote a healthy balance for you, and your learners in the digital environment.