The Digital Classroom

Take a principled approach to selecting and integrating technology. Evaluate theories, methodologies and digital tools, and develop your language awareness for teaching.

A young boy smiles as his teacher helps him put on a VR headset

Theories and methodologies for language teaching and learning

The way we use technology for teaching and learning can have a significant impact on the way that learners work and learn: you might help learners to find things out for themselves and spend less time explaining, or you might expect learners to take more control of their learning while you offer guidance and support.

Explore theories and methodologies that can help you integrate technology successfully, and learn about the different roles that you and your learners can take to improve language learning.

Digital tools for language teaching and learning

Digital tools provide a range of opportunities for learners to practise their language skills at their own speed and level, to communicate and collaborate, and to work creatively and use language in the real world. There is no doubt that technology can inspire and motivate learners, but it can cause problems too.

Learn how to harness the opportunities that digital tools and resources provide, and prepare for the challenges of using technology.

Online learning

Whether you use an e-workbook or a virtual learning environment (VLE) such as Moodle to deliver a whole course online, or to help learners access resources in your lessons or for homework, it is essential to understand the tools available to you, how they help you deliver learning and, most importantly, which digital tools best suit your learners’ needs.

Learn how to evaluate, organise and deliver online learning.

Improving language proficiency

Keeping your language up to date and maintaining a level of proficiency can be challenging. However, there are now many digital tools and resources available which help you assess your proficiency, monitor progress, get feedback and enhance your skills.

Explore tools such as online tests, pronunciation apps and voice-recording software to assess and improve your language proficiency.

Improving language knowledge and awareness

Online dictionaries, language corpora and other digital tools and resources provide a wealth of information about how language is used in spoken and written English.

Learn more about how to use these resources to develop your own language knowledge and awareness.