Integrating kahoots into online English lessons

Interactive games can help motivate and engage learners in online lessons and independent study.


The addition of interactive games like kahoots in online lessons can help motivate and engage learners both in and outside the lesson. In this lesson, an A2-level Cambridge English kahoot is integrated into online classes, either as part of a single online lesson (for teachers and learners comfortable using technology for online learning) or as independent learning between two lessons (for teachers and learners who have just started online learning). The lesson could be used to revisit or provide additional practice of vocabulary: clothes, hobbies, animals and jobs;and it also practises close reading and writing skills.

  • Primary 9+
  • A2
  • 45–60 minutes

Language objectives

  • To practise vocabulary, including clothes, hobbies, animals and jobs
  • To practise writing defining sentences to describe a picture
  • To practise close reading
  • To practise identifying people and things, which is tested in the A2 Flyers Listening test, Parts 1 and 5

Additional objectives

  • To encourage learners to use their imagination
  • To develop critical thinking skills – using clues
  • To encourage creativity through writing new kahoot content


  • Internet access for the teacher and each learner 
  • PC, laptop or tablet for the teacher and for each learner to see the kahoot questions on 
  • A phone or other device for each learner to use to answer the kahoot questions 
  • Student’s handout: Write your own kahoot 
  • A2-level Cambridge English kahoot: A special day at school 
  • An image, which you have permission to use, for learners to use to create their own kahoot (optional)