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An incredibly easy-to-use tool with a variety of activities teachers and learners can use, adapt or make from scratch to practise the full range of language systems and skills at any stage of a lesson.

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LearningApps.org is a versatile tool for learners, teachers and teacher trainers who want to use or create a variety of different activities to practise the full range of language systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing).

User experience.

LearningApps.org is very easy to use with a walkthrough tutorial on the home page explaining all of the features. You can create your own activities from scratch using one of the templates provided or you can adapt activities already created. Enter a key word or choose a category to explore and, when you find an activity you like, you can ‘Create a similar app’ with your own ideas and then share it with your learners. Practice tasks can be made in minutes and you can use them again by saving them in your account - creating an account is free!

Language level and skills.

LearningApps.org activities can be used with all levels of learners. You can create, for example, a simple matching words and pictures activity for low level learners or devise a more complex formal versus informal letter writing task for more proficient learners. When you look for ready-made activities there’s a filter you can use going from Elementary to Further Education level. LearningApps.org activities can be used or created to practise vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation. You and your learners can also create activities to practise listening or reading comprehension or to learn or practise functional language for speaking or writing.

Language learning content.

There is a range of templates for simple language or skills focused activities. There are games and quizzes such as matching, identifying, categorising, gap-filling, crosswords, filling in answers, ordering, putting things on a line and multiple-choice tasks. You can also upload self-made or authentic texts, pictures, audio or video when creating or adapting activities. There’s a feature for typing in text to create audio content – helpful if you want to provide learners with models for pronunciation. Feedback and hints can be added to help learners to get the right answers and to understand why their answer is right or wrong.

Social interaction.

Tasks can be completed individually and then shared or they can be done in pairs or groups in class or at home. Some LearningApps.org activities also have chat boxes where learners and teachers can add comments during games and there are some more sophisticated competitive tasks which learners can play in groups to compete with each other. As well as interacting with each other to do the activities, learners enjoy working with each other to create activities for their classmates to do. They can collaborate on choosing the task type, finding suitable materials and thinking of hints and feedback.

Learning through language.

Because of the ease with which teachers and learners can create activities using a video or a text on a specific subject, LearningApps.org is a great platform for creating activities learners can use to build knowledge in school subjects. In the ‘English as a foreign language’ category there is a ‘CLIL’ sub-category where there are a number of ready-made activities which can be used as they are or adapted for a particular group of learners. For example, there are short videos on a variety of topics. Learners watch and complete pre, while and post watching tasks which check their understanding.

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