Marie Therese Swabey
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Marie Therese Swabey

An incredibly easy-to-use tool with a variety of activities teachers and learners can use, adapt or make from scratch to practise the full range of language systems and skills at any stage of a lesson.

Who it’s for:
All ages
Windows, iOS app, Android app

LearningApps.org is a versatile tool for learners, teachers and teacher trainers who want a variety of activities to teach, learn and practise the full range of language systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing).

What’s in LearningApps.org?

You can find ready-made tasks, games and quizzes which can be adapted, or activities can be made from scratch. You can search for content by topic and level, for example a search for ‘English as a foreign language, elementary to primary level’ might give you activities on fruits, Christmas, my daily routine and many others. There is a range of simple tasks, games and quizzes such as matching, identifying, categorising, gap-filling, filling in answers, ordering, putting things on a cline and multiple-choice tasks. There are also some more sophisticated competitive tasks which learners can play in groups to compete with each other. Some tasks also have chat boxes where learners and teachers can add comments during games.

How does LearningApps.org help language learning?

All of the LearningApps.org tasks can be used or created to practise vocabulary, grammar or pronunciation. You and your learners can also create activities to practise listening or reading comprehension or to learn or practise functional language for speaking or writing. Teachers and learners can use a range of self-made or authentic texts, pictures, audio or video when creating or adapting activities.

How do you create content?

Tasks can be completed individually or in groups in class or at home. The instructions are simple: have an idea; pick a template; fill in content; save your app; share it; and you’ll find a simple video tutorial on the site which helps you find your way around. You can upload audio, video, images and text and you can even type in text to create audio content – this is really helpful if you want to provide learners with a good model for pronunciation. You can also add feedback and hints to help learners to get the right answers and to understand why their answer is right or wrong. Once you’ve created your app, sharing is very easy – you can share a link or embed the content in a Learning Management System (LMS) or webpage, and some of the apps can be shared with QR codes too.

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