Using a word cloud maker to self-assess writing

Help your learners self-assess and improve their writing using a word cloud maker.


Using a word cloud helps learners self-assess their vocabulary and writing. Learners use a word cloud to analyse a model text. Then they write their own story and analyse it using a word cloud. Learners can then improve their written work based on the information from the word cloud.

  • Upper primary, secondary, adult
  • A2 to B1
  • 15–30 minutes

Language–learning objectives

  • to read other learners' written work
  • to self-assess vocabulary in a story using a word cloud

Additional objectives

  • to read other learners' written work
  • to provide feedback on other learners' written work


  • PC, laptop or tablet for the teacher
  • PCs, laptops or tablets for all learners, in class and at home
  • interactive whiteboard (IWB) or projector
  • internet access