Using a whiteboard app to practise vocabulary

Help your learners set a learning goal and reflect on their performance using a drawing and description task.


With support from you, even younger learners can set goals and say whether they have achieved them. Voice-recording tools allow learners to record themselves speaking, listen back and assess their performance. In this lesson, learners use Doceri to record themselves describing a person they draw. They set a vocabulary target and then listen back to assess whether they have achieved it.

  • Primary or secondary
  • A1 to A2
  • 15–30 minutes

Language–learning objectives

  • to review language for describing people
  • to listen to a description of a person and draw what you hear
  • to draw and describe a person

Additional objectives

  • to set a learning goal
  • to reflect on whether the learning goal was achieved


  • tablets for the teacher and all learners
  • interactive whiteboard (IWB) or projector
  • internet access
  • connection between the tablet and the interactive whiteboard or projector
  • access to the Doceri app or another whiteboard app with voice-recording function