Tips – Virtual Reality

Try it out in your classroom.


Immerse your students in a 3D adventure story. Then get them to write or act out what happens next in the story. Search your app store for ‘VR adventure games’.

Send learners to explore real cities around the world. Perfect for teaching directions! Search your app store for ‘street view maps’.

Take your learners on a virtual tour of an atom or a human heart, the solar system or a car engine. Great for explaining technical vocabulary and difficult concepts. Even better, get your learners to explain it to each other.

Prepare your learners for real-life situations like job interviews or presentations. With VR simulations, they’ll have a virtual audience to impress. Search your app store for ‘public speaking VR’.

Take your class on field trip without leaving the classroom. Ideal for listening practice, vocabulary work, or simply setting the scene for your lesson. Search your app store for ‘VR expeditions’.