Tips – The Digital World

Try these tips to help you and your learners navigate the digital world safely, successfully and productively.



As busy teachers with crowded timetables, it's easy for us to lose track of long-term projects like personal development. Download a simple project management app on your phone such as Trello or Asana, and use it to plan your goals and track your progress.

Information management

Every time you create a new document on your computer, save it in a folder or sub-folder. It only takes a couple of seconds, and when your files are well organised you save hours of wasted time later!

Digital citizenship

You probably have at least one learner in each class with dyslexia, a visual impairment or colour-blindness. How can you make your worksheets more accessible? Easy! Use simple fonts, large letters, strong colours ... and plenty of white space.

Legal issues

Be careful with copyright! If you show your learners that you respect the law, it's easier to persuade them to respect you and your rules too!

Copyright law can be complicated and confusing. But there's a simple trick. Ask yourself, ‘Would the copyright owner be delighted with the way I'm using their content?’ If the answer's ‘no’, use it in a way that would delight them!

Digital welfare and safety

Make time in your syllabus for a class discussion on digital safety in English. It's a great topic for speaking practice, vocabulary development and the skill of giving advice. Above all, it will help keep them safe online.