Tips – The Digital Teacher

Try these practical tips for using technology to record, reflect on and share your thoughts and for finding professional development resources and support.


Reflection and development with digital tools and resources

Use an online reflective journal to record your thoughts after each lesson: what went well and what would you change? Use a tool like Penzu for private reflection, or start a blog with a tool like Blogger or WordPress to share your ideas with other teachers.

Join a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to learn new teaching skills and techniques or to build your language skills in a new subject area. Study for free or purchase a certificate for evidence of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Explore courses with MOOC providers such as FutureLearn and Coursera.

Being part of a professional community

Join groups of ELT teachers on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, etc. Follow the discussions, get involved, and explore the topics that interest you. Ask for advice and support. You’ll be amazed at the response from the community!

Read ELT blogs like ELTjam to stay on top of the latest developments. Follow links to explore topics more deeply. Read the comments and add your own. Even better, start your own blog with a tool like Blogger or WordPress.

Join communities of tech-savvy ELT teachers like IATEFL’s Learning Technologies Special Interest Group. Follow online discussions, attend conferences and webinars … and get involved yourself.