Creating opportunities to provide feedback on speaking

Use a voice-recording tool to help you capture, listen to and provide more feedback for learners.


This speaking activity would complement a unit or topic on holidays and allow them to practise language for describing holidays more freely. It also provides learners with the opportunity to practise, reflect on and improve their speaking. This activity generates voice recordings, enabling the teacher to hear all learners speak and providing an opportunity to give feedback to individual learners and/or to identify common problem areas for improvement in later classes.

  • Secondary 13+
  • Adult
  • B1
  • 45–60-minute lesson

Language-learning objectives

  • To give a spoken description of a made-to-measure holiday; listen to own speaking; identify how it could be improved and rerecord
  • to use language relating to holidays.

Additional objectives

  • To develop independent learning skills – reflection on and evaluation of speaking performance


  • PCs or mobile devices for the teacher and all learners/groups of learners
  • Internet access
  • Projector or IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) if you wish to display content to the whole class
  • Chatterpix