Manage your language

Get your learners thinking about how they can manage their vocabulary learning with productivity apps and other digital tools.


Digital tools can help manage time and tasks more efficiently, making learning more efficient. With a computer and projector in your classroom, you can use different tools to help manage your vocabulary revision activities. If learners and parents can also access those tools at home, this can extend learning outside the classroom.

  • Secondary and adult
  • B1 to C1
  • 10–15 minutes (revision activities)
  • 30–45 minutes (set up lesson)

Language–learning objectives

  • to regularly revise vocabulary
  • to focus on spelling and pronunciation

Additional objectives

  • to develop categorisation skills
  • to develop learner autonomy


  • PC, laptop or tablet for the teacher and each group of learners
  • interactive whiteboard (IWB) or projector
  • internet access
  • Microsoft PowerPoint / a productivity app such as Evernote / a flashcard app such as Quizlet